We live in a society based on a fast way of life, because of the rapid technological progress. We want to travel faster, work faster. Quickly communicate and connect. As technology progresses, we move forward. We grow and develop along side this technology, have fun, changing it, and perfecting it. Technology is our playground. We live to make something out of nothing. To be curious and visionary, that is in our nature.

We are Zarf, a group of creative technology enthusiasts. We learn the specifics of your business challenges. Together with you, we make inspiring solutions and creations. We combine strategy, digital and outdoor advertising in new ways to connect to the modern consumer. We create authentic connections between clients and brands.

Media buying partners:
We are here... At the crossroads of your professional ambitions and needs of your customers. Here, where big brands arise.
The average person in an urban setting, daily receives over 4000 commercial
messages, and in a period over one year, see more ads than what is seen
in a lifetime of the average person 50 years ago.


Your brand lives in the market place - it changes and
grows with your customers. Brands are as complex and individual as you are,
they have their own personality, values and behavioral
patterns that constantly evolve and develop over time


Web Design and development
Branding & Graphic Design
3D animations
Print Collateral
Information technologies
Online marketing
Campaign Strategy
Outdoor advertising
Media buying services
Public relations

Advertising is no longer just about making ads. In a sea of advertisements one recognizes only those that interest us. Ask yourself, why is it so?

We do not speculate, we know how things work. We communicate with the target group through effective media channels and tell your story the way it should be told. We change people with this, we change companies. We do not sell service packages. We are not dealers. Each client has specific capabilities, needs, ideas and principles.

We care about our clients, listen to their needs and immerse ourselves in their brands in order to better present them to the world and impact the bottom line. Rest assured that your brand, the message it carries, will be consistent with the physical and digital world, and be in touch with consumers. Functionally and emotionally - physically and digitally. It is the heart of everything we do.

If you do not devote the necessary attention to your customers,
someone else will surely do.


We are here... At the crossroads of your professional ambitions and needs of your customers. Here, where big brands arise.


Contact informations:
+381 (0) 11 630 52 62
e-mail: office@zarf.co.rs
Address: Kajmakčalanska 15/1
11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

Info office Zurich
phone: +41764817286
e-mail: office.ch@zarf.co.rs

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John D. Rockefeller